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Happy Tummy is 100% Pure Natural Charcoal, not to be confused with "Activated Charcoal" which is made from Coconut shells (because there is an abundance of this as a bi product from the palm industry). It can also have additives such as icing sugar, gum, fats, oils etc which makes it not a pure product. Used by hundreds of top racehorse trainers and performance horse competitors around the world including:-Godolphin - Newmarket,Julia Feildon Racing - Newmarket,Attwater Racing Ltd - Epsom Downs,Lucinda McAlpine Dressage - Devon,Darley Stud - Newmarket,

  • Reduce stress, encourage a healthy appetite, maintain weight, improve behaviour, performance and condition.
  • Help any horse prone to gastyric problems or ulcers.
  • FEI approved and can be used under racing rules.
  • Helps the digestive system work better.
  • Economical to use (around 40 cents per day on maintenance dose).
  • Can absorb over 4,000 acidic toxins from a horses system by removing them naturally.
  • Reduces amount of build up of lactic acid in the muscles enable faster recovery and enabling horses to perform better.
  • Re-balances the acid/alkaline levels so the horses system can absorb more oxygen, again aiding in faster recovery, and preventing tying up and muscle cramps.
  • Horses can perform better and run faster as Happy Tummy significantly increases oxygen to the muscles which improves stamina and energy.

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