Belly Guard Girth with Removeable Artificial Sheepskin Lining

Belly Guard Girth with Removeable Artificial Sheepskin Lining


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The belly guard girth with removable sheepskin lining is slightly curved to perfectly match the morphology of the horse’s rib cage.

The central part is made of grained leather, giving effective protection against damage from studs. Its artificial sheepskin lining is recommended for horses with sensitive skin, prone to chaffing injuries.

The lateral fastenings and central snap hook allow breastplate or reins to be fitted quickly.

This girth features a magnetized snap hook cover for maximum safety and prevent the horseshoe from catching in the snap hook during jumping or other activities.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

The Havana version has white stitching and the black version has black stitching.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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  • Your accessories have not been oiled in our workshops and will take on a darker shade after the first application of balm.
  • Before the first use, apply Belharra Balm or oil evenly.
  • Apply the balm again, if necessary, to obtain the suppleness required.
  • Try your accessories on your horse before oiling them or applying the balm. Accessories which have been oiled or have had balm applied may not be exchanged or returned.


  • Never apply balm to wet leather or leather which has traces of oil on it. Let it dry in the open air, in a well ventilated, warm room away from direct heat.
  • Jodhpurs with “leather” seats, zips (jackets, mini-chaps, boots), rubber reins and pairs of chaps and mini-chaps made of split leather can seriously damage your saddle due to their very abrasive materials.
  • Always apply balm to clean, dry leather to avoid embedding dirt into the leather.



To ensure resilience and maximum comfort, we use different types of leather in the manufacture of our products. However, different leathers do not always respond to oils the same way, and this may affect your item’s final colour.

Our saddlemakers therefore have chosen a lighter colour for the softer leather, so that the colours match even after oiling.