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The ConCord® Longe stimulates horses to adopt a correct posture and move properly without any kind of constraint.

This unique lunging system was developed in cooperation with veterinarians, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

The ConCord® Longe works gently without forcing anything; the horse is not tied up at any point in the system. As a result, it brings relaxation and rest, which enables horses to assume a correct head and neck posture.

The ConCord® Longe allows a horse to naturally lower its head, activates its abdominal muscles and relaxes both neck and back.

The system helps horses to get (back) in shape and supports the build-up of muscles, both during training and after a period of rehabilitation.

The ConCord® Longe corrects asymmetry and weak back muscles and provides a solution for horses with lunging problems. Also suitable for horses that are not yet ridden ("backed”). This easy and safe system does not need adjusting.

  • Dynamic construction, which stimulates the horse to move in a healthy posture
  • Trains the reflexes of horses to extend their top line
  • Allows the horse to take a correct forward-down posture
  • Corrects during training
  • Helps to maintain, build and develop muscles, also after rehabilitation
  • Brings symmetry to the musculoskeletal system and creates more space
  • Works gently without force
  • Provides a solution for horses with lunging problems
  • Is also suitable for horses that have not yet been ridden (“backed”)
  • Does not need adjusting and is both safe and easy