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Decron Osmotic Gel


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Decron Osmotic Gel assists in the management of:

Hoof problems including laminitis

Open wounds, inflammation and bruising

Sprains, strains and muscular aches and pains.

Simply apply the Decron Osmotic Gel to any part of the horse that requires treatment!

The benefits and features:

Fast and effective healing qualities.

Assists in reducing inflammation and infection in the hoof.

Relieves pressures from the hoof encouraging a laminitic horse to move around, which boosts circulation to the hooves.

The gel draws the bruising from the soles which is beneficial to the horse with this condition.

The Decron Osmotic Gel can be applied to an open wound.

The Gel creates a warm, moist environment which promotes healing of the wound and encourages new skin to grow.

The Decron Osmotic Gel may restrict the amount of proud flesh on the wound and improve the healing process.

Apply the Decron Osmotic Gel to sprains, strains and muscular aches and pains

– heat from the Decron Gel promotes increased blood flow and healing of a strained muscle.

All natural ingredients – glycerine and essential oils – lavender oil, melaleuca oil and arnica.

Size: 200ml tube