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Emcools Alaska Ice Boots


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EMCOOLS ALASKA The emcools ALASKA cooling boots set for horses contains 1 pair of emcools ALASKA boots (left & right forelegs or hind legs) and 2 pieces of emcools Active.Pads 9×6 with HypoCarbon® technology.

The special ALASKA boot was specifically designed for easy and efficient application of the emcools Active.Pads 9×6 with HypoCarbon® technology on horse’s legs. The cooling boot is especially designed to optimally develop the unique cooling performance of the emcools Active.Pads. The emcools ALASKA cooling boot is equipped with a customised fitted sleeve for the emcools Active.Pads 9×6 so it is easy and quick to insert the pad into the boot.

BENEFITS OF EMCOOLS ALASKA COOLING BOOT FOR YOUR HORSE The cooling boot for the horses’s leg is especially designed to enhance the unique cooling performance of emcools Active.Pads 9×6 with HypoCarbon® technology to ensure optimal cooling performance Anatomically designed cooling boots in universal sizes Quick and easy fastening and removal of the boot Ergonomic shaped cooling boot made from 100% neoprene Extra high cut for optimal cooling effectiveness Soft fit Bi-elastic 4 semi-elastic hook-and-loop fasteners for individual adjustment on horse’s leg Elastic hook-and-loop fastener provide additional compression effect Easy insertion of the emcools Active.Pads 9×6 into the sleeve Special mesh provides additional comfort for the horse Developed by cooling experts in cooperation with experienced boot manufacturers and experts in the horse field BENEFITS OF THE EMCOOLS ACTIVE.PADS 9×6 FOR YOUR HORSE is best used to cool the horse’s legs after strenuous activity, injuries or hot weather provides a quick recovery of the horse after a strenuous training, competition, and after long rides applied for cryotherapy, it slows down the metabolism of inflammed tissue thus reducing pain and swelling