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NRG ProPlaits 250ml

NRG ProPlaits 250ml

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Key Benefits

• Provides a firm and long-lasting natural hold

 NOT tacky or flaky

• Washes off in water

• Keeps hair manageable while plaiting

• Saves time and frustration NRG Proplaits is your key to plaiting success with a new and improved formula for perfect hold and minimal fluff.

NRG Proplaits keeps the hair manageable while plaiting and has a gentle yet firm adhesive quality that holds the hair in place without being tacky, and because its water based, NRG Proplaits simply washes off in water without any sticky residue.

NRG Proplaits also saves you time. With the use of a neck rug or hood, plaits can be completed with NRG Proplaits the night before leaving the hair tight and firm overnight and allowing you more time during your competition morning.

Unlike other plaiting products, NRG Proplaits leaves no white flakes or marks, has no harmful drying agents and, once dry, has a healthy shine to enhance the natural appearance of your perfect plaits.

The NRG Team has also improved the spray nozzle making applications a breeze. Easy Application • First comb the mane then spray all the mane with NRG Proplaits.

• As each plait is made, and before tying off, apply a small spray of NRG Proplaits to hold the plait in place before sewing or banding.

• Once the mane is plaited, a quick spray will hold plaits firmly in place – even overnight if using a neck rug or hood – ready for your competition.